The Heart of Art Journal Avenue: Teresa Merriman's story


Teresa Merriman

Teresa Merriman is a nationally-recognized, multiple award-winning artist in the venerable craft of bookbinding and has participated in the most prestigious juried art shows in the country since 2005. Her handmade leather-bound journals have served thousands, providing heirloom-quality keepsakes that inspire, encourage and enliven the inherent creative tendencies that exist within us all. Her passion in bookbinding is shared with her zest for travel and storytelling. For almost 30 years, Teresa has experienced noteworthy adventures in all 50 states of the US and in over 15 countries around the globe. Her combined affections for journals and travel have recently sparked her into creating an online course called “Mastering the Art of Travel Journaling”. Her course and community are a testament to her lifelong love for travel and artistic expression and serves a community of travel-journal enthusiasts worldwide. Through her expertise in writing, sketching, and mixed media, Teresa leads her fellow art-journaling enthusiasts to transform their adventures into visual narratives in their journals. She helps to empower the traveler—near or far—to capture their journeys in captivating and creative ways, thus unleashing their story-telling power and relinquishing the myriad of benefits held therein.

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